The advantages of the PanelPlus™ Sandwich Panels

PanelPlus™ is sandwich panels, composites, honeycombs and expanded PET foams, and represents a new way of building. Thanks to their lightness and sturdiness, PanelPlus™ sandwich and composite panels allow to realize more ambitious projects than any other product, representing a step towards the way of building the future.

PanelPlus™ has changed my way of designing.

PanelPlus™ is resistant

PanelPlus™ offers high mechanical performance, high dimensional stability and incomparable rigidity, for the same weight, compared to any other material.
The resistence to fire and humidity make some of our specific PanelPlus™’ products suitable to be used in extreme conditions.


PanelPlus™ is versatile

PanelPlus™ adapts to different fields of application, ranging from sectors such as construction and shipbuilding to the world of furniture.
By using large dimension sandwich panels it is possible to clad large areas giving more continuity to the application, and therefore securing a more homogenuous result than the material in its natural state.


PanelPlus™ is customizable

The composition of PanelPlus™ is chosen by the customer who can combine the different materials according to their needs in terms of finishes, thicknesses, internal core and dimensions.


PanelPlus™ has changed my way of building

PanelPlus™ is light

The lightness given by the specially designed cores implies a lower structural load on obsolete or refurbished buildings


PanelPlus™ is manageable

The sandwich paneling makes the final product easily transportable, storable and manageable during assembly.


PanelPlus™ is eco friendly

Thanks to the search for ever more environmentally friendly materials, PanelPlus™ is certified, unique in its kind, for the disposal in line with current regulations.
Furthermore, all the raw materials that are used for producing the composite panels come only from certified european companies.
Easier working process in all phases, less weight and less space occupied, translates into another important advantage when organizing transport and mounting the panels.

Eco friendly